Related Arts

The Montessori School of Florence offers Related Arts classes interspersed throughout the school day. Related Arts subjects include Art, Music, Spanish and Physical Education.


To capitalize on the child’s innate ability to acquire language and to better prepare our students for our international world, we provide an integrated Spanish language program beginning in 2K and continuing through 6th grade. The children begin with songs and games and progress to more sophisticated language and grammar.


Our Art program uses age appropriate materials and techniques to encourage our children to exercise their creativity as they engage with the world around them.


At the heart of the Montessori approach to music education is the idea that every child has musical potential, and all children are able to learn and express themselves musically. Maria Montessori understood the essential nature of music and movement to the healthy development of the child. Our music program for 2K-6th grades embraces the pedagogies of Kodály and Orff through active music-making, with an emphasis on singing, movement, listening, creating, playing instruments, and having fun!

Physical Education

Our Physical Education classes focus on a healthy body and mind. The students learn games and sportsmanship and carry out purposeful exercises under the guidance of Master James McElveen.